Transform investment into quality of life for those in needCBD Capital is the token that guarantees the entire production chain of medical cannabis. From seed to patient.
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What is
CBD Capital?
Smart Contracts for Ethereum Blockchain.
CBD Capital is a derivative utility token from PUCMED (Productora Uruguaya de Cannabis Medicinal). A partially decentralized solution of options (Smart Contracts) for the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens serve as asset backing and tracking to the cannabis production chain and other products of them, reducing the number of brokers in the operation and consequently the operations costs.
With CBD Capital it is possible identify the actual physical asset within the production chain.
Route of
Productive chain
for medical cannabis
Packing and distribution
What makes us different
Tokenization of physical assets, available to the cannabis supply chain, can offer several benefits:
WarrantySecured asset tradable directly with the issuer, ensuring predictability and stability.
Fixed and variable incomeGuaranteed refund of fixed and variable rate by means of the smart contract on the blockchain.
Product guaranteed by the issuerYou negotiate directly with the original issuer of the real assets so that you have a 100% guarantee of delivery.
ClusteringAllows the bundling of various underlying digital assets that could be traded in the secondary market.
Available token types
Each Token, with its unique features, represents one of the steps in the medical cannabis production chain.
CBD Capital
The ®CBD Capital is a token representing high quality medical cannabis seeds. From planting to flowering. Settlement from 4 months.
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